Anna, The Skunk, and the Waterfall
– My first story for children. Anna doesn’t like having to take care of her brother’s puppy, especially since Todd doesn’t let her play with him.

When she lets Scruffy outside without a leash, Todd gets lost looking for him. Anna has to make things right, but finding both of them. She discovers a magical world in the woods beyond her house. She’ll encounter giant bunnies, talking skunks, and more.

But will she make it back home in time for dinner?


Already Seen


The first time I killed my wife, I made a horrid spectacle of myself. I’m glad she couldn’t see me crying. The only thing worse than watching her die was apologizing afterward. No. I take that back. It was a close second. Watching Cassandra die was absolutely the worst. Here’s how it happened the first time.

What People Are Saying:

Loosely based on the idea of video game save points, Already Seen is a well-written, original take on the idea of time travel. With shades of superhero awesomeness, and infused with moments that are both heartfelt and poignantly human, this novella is easily one of the best things I’ve read so far this year.

Already Seen is a fast-paced, brilliant thrill-ride with a side of snark

Already Seen by Scott Hughey reads like a mystery where you try to guess what happens next. Here you have a guy who can keep resetting time to correct his mistakes, and save the love of his life. He’s not your typical time traveler who can go back decades or centuries. We’re talking five minutes or so in the past.

Clever, witty, and painfully human, this story is complete with time travel, murder, and sister-in-law kissing jerks.

Monsters in a Bar


A vampire, a  werewolf, and a zombie walked into my bar. It was that kind of a night. I’d just opened the door to kick a ghost out on her rump, because she couldn’t hold on to her liquor. They waltzed in without giving her a second glance. Didn’t pay much attention to me either.

I backpedaled, and blocked their path with an upraised palm. Not the smartest move, but Eddie’s chair had been empty all night. Someone had to lay down the law, and with my bouncer absent, that responsibility fell to me. “I don’t want any trouble here, fellas,”

The werewolf and vampire exchanged a knowing glance, but it beat me what it meant. The zombie lingered behind, shuffling in the doorway.

“It’s no trouble,” the biter said. Well, the one with fangs.

Monsters in a bar is the hilarious first of three stories in this short collection. The unfortunate bartender has to choose between friendship, personal safety, and the well being of his bar.

Also enjoy Monkey Xi, Monkey Do- the tale of an Egyptian Monkey deity who loves to hassle the god of Death. The third story, Not All Beanstalks Grow Up, tales the story of Jill facing a giant. It was co-written by Scott Hughey and CC Dowling.